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The Founder

"Chose a job you love and you'll never have to work a day in your life."

In September 2008, was born.

By creating this new model of Art & Fashion online boutique, Dina's aim was to brought the positive of life to her surroundings.

She has always been focused on the positive energy in life and has always conveyed this message in her personal and professional life.

She trusts the "Good" in people, and believes that those who have a combination of inner and outer beauty tend to be happy.

  • Inner beauty developed through Spirituality
  • Outer Beauty through Fashion supports new regional and international designers while offering to worldwide customers, unique products that will make their Aura shine!

Jebby Jose

"Rule #1 of life: - Do what makes YOU happy!!"

After graduating in 2011 and with experience in Market Survey, Movie Premiers, Real Estate and HR Internships, Jebby has been exposed to different shades of the corporate world. He has been working with, as a Website Administrator and Data Entry Processor.

Jebby has a flair for good books, fine dining, analyzing complex movies and adventure sports.

He enjoys the introduction to the fashion world, a chance to interact with leading international designers, the constant support and guidance of the mentors and more, which offers.

Muhammad Shoaib Ali

"No one cares what it’s about as long as it looks good."

Muhammad started his career with Dubai Lime as an SEO consultant. During his university education he majored in Marketing and further perused his interest in subliminal marketing methods. He realized that design was the single most important thing in marketing.

After learning design he jumped into development. Later on he developed various leading web technologies for the corporate and real estate market sectors before getting into design and development for eCommerce stores.

He believes in one simple philosophy when it comes to marketing businesses..."No one cares what it’s about as long as it looks good".

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